College Record 2021-2022

Biology and Chemistry

The program in biology is for students with general or specialized interests in biology, or for students requiring background for professional development. Biology provides pre-professional preparation for careers in biology, biochemistry, dentistry, ecology, education, medicine, microbiology, pharmacology, physiology, physical therapy, plant sciences, public health, veterinary science, zoology, and research. Keuka College also offers minors in chemistry and forensic chemistry which can be added to a student's coursework to expand their understanding of the natural sciences.

B.A. Biology with Biomedical Studies

The Biology major (with a Biomedical Studies emphasis) provides a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for a wide variety of career opportunities in a biological science – related area. This could include research in areas such as molecular diagnostics, drug development, physiology, biochemistry, or many others. Many biology graduates go on to obtain advanced degrees. Biology is also the perfect major for students interested in health and veterinary-related fields. The Biology – Biomedical Studies curriculum is designed to prepare students for further study or careers in medicine, pharmacy, veterinary science, dentistry, optometry, and many other health-related professions. Besides taking courses in biology, students are encouraged to take free elective courses that are appropriate for the professional field they are interested in, such as sociology, psychology, and business management. Alternatively, a background in biology also opens the door to many professions that require a science background, such as pharmaceutical sales, patent law, genetic counseling, or even some areas of business.