College Record 2021-2022

Teaching English Abroad Minor


This minor can be added to any major, providing specific skills and knowledge that can be used to prepare a student for teaching English in another country.  Students can work with the Office of Global Initiatives to explore possible teaching opportunities upon graduation.  

While not required for this minor, students who pursue this minor are encouraged to pursue an international Field Period to gain further experience.

Minor Requirements

Complete all of the following:

EDU-311Language in Use


EDU-322Instructional Design


EDU-355/PSY-355Educational Psychology


ENG-206The English Language


KC-301SIntegrative Studies: Social Justice in a Multicultural World *


POL-355Globalization *


Total Credit Hours:18

Field Period:

EDU-391Regular Education Classroom Field Period


Total Credit Hours:3
Students must meet the 21 cumulative credit hour requirement to complete this minor.
To complete this minor it is necessary for students to identify courses with their advisor.
* Also fulfills a General Education requirement; Cannot be counted twice in the credit total
† Liberal Arts Credit

Minor Requirements Summary:
Complete all minor requirements
Achieve a minor GPA of 2.00
Complete at least 1/3 of the coursework at Keuka College

The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all minor requirements are met satisfactorily. This documentation is provided as an advising tool and should not be considered a contracted between a student and Keuka College. The College reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary.