College Record 2021-2022

Adolescent Generalist Special Education Certification

Candidates who wish to work primarily with adolescent-aged individuals with special needs in a 7-12 self-contained classroom, resource room, or in a consultative and collaborative manner with the content area specialist, may prefer this major.  This program has an interdisciplinary approach that provides the candidate with a broad base of knowledge across the four common core areas and a choice of an emphasis which provides in-depth study in one of the common core areas (social studies or English). In addition to the interdisciplinary study, candidates complete 46 hours of course work in education, including a focus on low incidence disabilities and related educational placement and approaches for these individuals. Two 300-level field periods at the adolescent level, in special education settings are required.

Requirements for Adolescent Generalist Special Education Certification

Candidates who wish to qualify for recommendation for initial certification in Adolescent Generalist Special Education (grades (7-12) in New York State must complete the Adolescent Generalist curriculum and select either English or Social Studies for their emphasis area.  They must also complete all degree requirements for the major; they must complete one semester of foreign language or its equivalent (three years of a single language in high school fulfills this requirement); they must complete the required hours of field experience working with students with disabilities at the adolescent level, and students in a high-needs school; they must successfully complete the required New York State teacher exams. Further details on these examinations are available by contacting the education office.  Teacher candidates must apply for New York State certification through