College Record 2021-2022

EDU-312 Early Child Literacy & Diverse Learner

This course provides a continued investigation of learning and instruction in language and literacy (reading, writing, listening and speaking) for the early childhood educator. Using the New York State Early Learning Guidelines and the Common Core English Language Arts standards, the course emphasizes how to provide individualized instruction in literacy for English Language Learners, students who are gifted, those with disabilities, and others who may need this type of instruction to achieve. Instruction is provided in how to use literacy assessments to determine appropriate goals for these students and in how to determine and implement corresponding instructional strategies. Culturally relevant pedagogy and other strategies that take students' background into account as part of learning are discussed as well. Interaction with consultant teachers, other specialists, and parents will be addressed.




Complete EDU-275 previously and EDU-372 either previously or concurrently.




  • Every Fall