College Record 2021-2022

ASL-250 ASL Discourse Analysis

An analysis of discourse in dialogic genres of English and American Sign Language (ASL) so that interpreting students become explicitly aware of the features of language use in everyday life. Students transcribe and analyze interaction and discourse features of conversations, explanations, interviews, discussions, and other types of dialogue genres while reading and discussing theoretical notions underlying language use. At the conclusion of this course, students will take the ASLPI which will determine mastery of ASL fluency by an outside evaluation agency.  This is a mandatory requirement for students in the ASL-English Interpreting Program. A score of 2 or higher is required to proceed in the AEI program. Students in the ASL program are strongly encouraged to take this evaluation for feedback on their language fluency.  The fee for the ASLPI is $165.




Complete ENG 112 and ASL 211 with a minimum grade of C


  • Every Spring