College Record 2021-2022

Room and Board


 Space, Blyley, Saunders, Davis  Undergraduate  $3,045.00  $6,089.00
 Ball Hall  Undergraduate  $3,197.00  $6,394.00
 Harrington Hall  Undergraduate  $3,197.00  $6,394.00
 Strong Hall Apartments*  Undergraduate  $4,352.00  $8,703.00
 Keuka Park Apartments  Graduate  $5,132.00 $10,263.00

Keuka College requires all traditional-aged students to live on campus. Some exceptions are made by the Dean of Students. Students requiring special consideration in housing should consult with Residence Life, and students with special dietary needs should consult with the Dining services. 

Student rooms are periodically inspected, and charges for damages appear on a student’s monthly bill.


 Residential  Undergraduate   Green and Gold  $3,116.00  $6,232,.00
 Residential  Undergraduate   Oak 19  $3,116.00  $6,232.00
 Residential  Undergraduate   Lakeside 10 (Apartments)  $1,689.00  $3,378.00
 Residential  Graduate   MSM 10 (Apartments)  $2,109.00  $4,218.00
 Residential  Either   Wolf Bucks (increments of $50 can be added to any of above)  $50 - $200  N/A
 Commuter   Undergraduate   Wolf Pride 30  N/A  $570.00
 Commuter   Undergraduate   Wolf Pride 50  N/A  $950.00

Students may change their meal plan selection during add/drop period or the first two weeks of classes. 

Other Room Costs

 Single*  + $850.00 per person per year
 Double/Single*  $1,600.00 per person per semester
 Triple/Double*  $850.00 per person per semester
 Quad/Triple*  $600.00 per person per semester
 Summer Housing (housing only)  $75 per week
 Field Period Housing (housing only)  $75 per week
 Break Housing (housing only)  $35 per night

*Students who reside in an under-occupied room will incur the above charges.