Student Handbook 2020-2021

Exception to Residency Policy

Living in the residence halls at Keuka College is both a requirement and a privilege. The residence hall experience is an important part of a student’s total education. Living, studying, dining, and socializing in proximity with other students enables the development of interdependence, respect for others, and social and interpersonal skills. Being a part of the Keuka College residential community is such an important part of the Keuka College experience, that the college requires it. All full-time students (enrolled in 12 credits or more in a given semester), are required to live in a residence hall on campus. Requests may be granted for exception to the residency requirement under the following circumstances

1. Living with parents or legal guardian within 30 miles of the college [at the address indicated on the student’s financial aid form (FAFSA) or scholarship package]

2. 23 years or older;

3. Married (Copy of marriage certificate required);

4. Dependent(s) under 18 years of age living with him/her;

5. Internship/practicum which requires site residency and/or is more than 30 miles from the Keuka College campus and the student wishes to secure residency in close proximity to the site (This information will be checked with student’s academic advisor);

6. Special medical accommodation needed (Medical Exception Form must be completed and attached to the exception to residency application.)

If an application is being requested for one of the first five circumstances listed above, students should use the back of the exception to residency form to provide a brief, but thorough statement regarding the request for exemption from the residency requirement. Any supporting documentation, such as change of address forms, marriage certificate, internship confirmation from academic advisor, etc. should be stapled to the exception to residency form. All information should be returned to Office of Housing and Residence Life (Keuka College, Office of Housing and Residence Life, 141 Central Avenue, Keuka Park, NY 14478) via mail or fax (315)279-5650. If the application is being requested as a special medical accommodation (#6 above), the separate Medical Exception Form must be completed and attached to the exception to residency application.

Please be advised that submission of an Exception to Residency Requirement/Off-campus Request form does not guarantee approval to move off campus. Students will receive written notification from the Office of Housing and Residence Life regarding verification of their status. If approved, exception to residency is only valid for academic year noted on the form. The exception to residency from must be resubmitted every academic year.