Student Handbook 2020-2021

Entry and Search of Student Rooms

The occupant of a room in a residence hall is offered privacy, qualified only by legitimate supervisory needs in the interest of sound management and maintenance of discipline and an educational atmosphere.

Confiscation Policy

Items that are prohibited on campus will be confiscated by Keuka College staff. 

Select confiscated items may be returned to students at the discretion of the Coordinator of Student Conduct & Community Standards and will be returned only at the end of the semester or at the immediate onset of a designated break period. Students may collect confiscated items by signing a release form at the Campus Safety office. 

Confiscated items that cannot be returned or are not claimed by the end of the academic year in which they were confiscated will be disposed of. 

Illegal items or items that pose severe potential harm (items such as controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, hazardous chemicals or materials, and weapons) will be confiscated and will not be returned to students. Alcohol that is possessed or is being consumed outside of Keuka College standards and regulations will be confiscated or disposed of immediately under staff supervision. 

If an item is confiscated from a student’s room and the student is not present, an evidence log receipt will be left by staff to notify the student. If an item is confiscated from a common area, students living near the common area will be notified by email. Inquiries to confiscated items can be made through the Campus Safety office.

Entry Policy

Entry into student living quarters may be conducted by the following persons for the purposes described below:

  1. College personnel to maintain discipline and an educational atmosphere.
  2. Law enforcement officers in performance of statutory duties and in accordance with legally defined procedures governing search and seizure.
  3. College personnel to perform routine custodial services which may be provided as a part of the student housing agreement; to make improvements and repairs, and to provide routine maintenance services; to make emergency repairs to prevent damage to the property of students or the College.
  4. Authorized College personnel to ensure that health, fire, and safety regulations are maintained. The College gives at least 24 hours prior notice that inspection is being made unless conditions do not permit prior notification.
  5. Authorized College personnel in emergency situations to protect the health and welfare of students.
  6. Authorized College personnel when there is evidence of unauthorized College furniture, pet, or other unauthorized property in the student room.
  7. Authorized College personnel for security and maintenance purposes and for inventory and safety inspections during recesses and other periods when halls are unoccupied.

Inspection Policy

Health and safety inspections occur at intervals throughout the academic year. Inspections may be carried out by the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life, Resident Directors, Resident Assistants, Campus Safety Officers, and/or their designees. Inspections are done with at least two staff members present. When possible, searches and inspections are done with at least one of the occupants in the room. Exceptions would be at break when students may have left and residence life staff is doing inspections for safety reasons. Also, in order to ensure the safety of students and to meet health and sanitation standards, the College reserves the right to inspect residence hall rooms. This may be done on a regular basis or when theft of personal or College property is presumed to have occurred or when violations of health, safety, or sanitation standards are suspected. Room inspections are generally announced in advance or made when the occupant is present. Exceptions would occur in emergency cases or in situations when delay would be self-defeating.

Search Policy

The College reserves its legal right to search any residence hall room when such an action is deemed necessary in aid of the College’s basic responsibilities. Search of a resident student’s personal property is authorized after a thorough review by the Office of Student Affairs or other executive officers of the College, and only when ample cause has been firmly established. Authorization to search is issued by the president of the College, or dean of students office staff. Visible evidence may be seized without a written statement of authorization to search. Permission to search a room is given by the president of the College, dean of students, or his/her designee when occupants of a room cannot be present, or are non-compliant and justifiable cause is evident. Search is defined as a thorough physical examination of a student’s belongings (i.e., closets, footlockers, drawers, desks, computer and its files, etc.). Searches are carried out by Campus Safety Officers. Residence Life staff may be present to observe the search and to assist as necessary. These searches are done with two professional staff members present.