Student Handbook 2020-2021

Other Vaccinations

Each student must provide proof of the following:

  1. *Measles (rubella)—two doses of live vaccine or a positive titer.
  2. *Mumps—one dose of live vaccine or a positive titer.
  3. *Rubella (German measles)—one dose of live vaccine or a positive titer.
  4. Tetanus/diphtheria (T.D.) or TDaP within the last 10 years.
  5. Chicken pox—two doses of the varicella vaccine given at least one month apart or positive titer of a residential student,.
  6. For students residing on campus Quadrivalent Meningitis vaccine (either menveo or menactra) within the last 5 years required, meningitis B series recommended. The Meningitis Vaccination Response Form for students not residing on campus.
  7. PPD test for tuberculosis within the last 6 months if at risk.

*also known as MMR

Persons born on or before Jan 1, 1957 will be exempt from MMR only. Other requirements must be met. Persons for whom the immunizations might be detrimental to their health or contrary to their religious beliefs must show documentation to that effect. Written or verbal parental statements regarding disease or immunization will not be accepted as satisfactory evidence of immunity. If the student cannot provide acceptable forms of proof, re-immunization is required. Those students not complying with the requirements will be banned from classes on and off campus and from the residence halls.