Student Handbook 2020-2021

Reporting Crime

Contact campus safety at (315) 279-5250 or (315) 694-0268 (non-emergencies), or (315) 279-5911 (emergencies only). When using campus phones and the Keuka College exchange, it is only necessary to dial the last four digits of the number. You may also use the Blue Light telephones located near each residence halls, parking lots and some buildings. Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles, inside buildings or around the residence halls should be reported to the campus safety office at (315) 279-5250 or (315) 694-0268 or the Yates County Sheriff’s Office at (315) 536-5176. Call 9-911 from any campus phone for emergency situations.

In addition, you may report a crime to any one the following individuals:

  • Director of Campus Safety (315) 279-5228 or at 132 Central Avenue
  • Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (315) 279-5215 or at the Dahlstrom Student Center office.
  • Director, Counseling Services (315) 279-5368 or at the Keuka Commons office.
  • Coordinator of Student Conduct & Community Standards (315) 279-5397 or at the Dahlstrom Student Center Office.
  • Chaplain (315) 279-5378 or at the Dahlstrom Student Center office.

Reporting a Crime, Medical Emergency, or Fire

  • Visit the campus safety office located at 132 Central Avenue (former copy center located at Birch Avenue at Central Avenue)
  • Have the on-duty resident director or resident assistant contact the on-duty campus safety officer.
  • Call ext. 5250 or 5911 from on-campus, or (315) 279-5250 or 911 from off-campus.
  • Call the Yates County Sheriff’s Department at 9-911 from any campus phone if reporting a crime, medical emergency, or a fire.
  • Use any of the Blue Light emergency phones located throughout the campus community. All of the emergency telephones are directly linked to the Yates County Sheriff's 911 emergency communications network. Yates County 911 will also contact the campus safety office to assist public safety responders