Student Handbook 2020-2021

Investigation of Violent Felony Offenses

Keuka College has entered into a formal agreement (Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU) that places the authority for the investigation of violent felony offenses with the Yates County Sheriff’s Office. This MOU states in part: The sheriff’s office will have primary responsibility for handling law enforcement-related events occurring within the Keuka College campus as follows:

  1. All felonies and all crimes of violence resulting in physical injury or death, including actual and attempted homicides, rape, and sexual assaults, robberies, arson, kidnapping, serious assaults (such as first degree assaults and those involving the use or implied use of a weapon), suicides, suspicious or unattended deaths and industrial accidents. Physical injuries are defined as those injuries requiring hospitalization and/or significant medical treatment and include in-progress and late reported crimes. The Office of Campus Safety will immediately refer any such crimes to the sheriff’s office for investigation.
  2. The sheriff’s office will make every effort to promptly investigate crimes reported to their office assisted by either the Office of Campus Safety or members of the campus community contingent upon the availability of investigative personnel
  3. Missing person cases. The Office of Campus Safety will report missing persons cases to the sheriff’s office immediately so that a sheriff’s deputy may be dispatched to handle the investigation.
  4. All controlled, dangerous substance violations. The Office of Campus Safety will immediately refer such matters to the sheriff’s office for investigation and action.
  5. All other crimes for which the Office of Campus Safety has not assumed responsibility pursuant to the above.