Student Handbook 2020-2021

Creation of a New Club or Organization Seeking Student Senate Funding

A student club or organization seeking recognition from Student Senate and funding from the Student Association must submit an application to be an organized club or organization on campus. The process is as follows:

  • Secure an advisor. The advisor must be a Keuka College faculty or staff member.
  • Hold an interest meeting to elect an Executive Board (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and Student Senate representative) and obtain at least 10 general members. Organizations are subject to different membership requirements that must be discussed with Student Senate before official approval.
  • Submit an application sheet and a constitution for review and approval by Student Senate. Submission should occur two weeks before presenting at the weekly Student Senate meeting.
  • Upon receiving approval as a formal club or organization at Keuka College, the club or organization will receive a $250 start-up fund from the Student Senate. The club or organization is subject to all Student Senate policies and guidelines once approved.