Student Handbook 2020-2021

Bulletin Boards, Digital Signs, and Posting Information

To facilitate communication, bulletin boards and digital signs are located in all areas of the College. Some bulletin boards are pre-designated for specific groups or offices. Procedures have been established for use of public bulletin boards and digital signs.

  1. All signs, flyers, posters, notices, and plasma screen signs that have not been produced through an administrative office at the College (this includes handwritten signs, flyers, off-campus events, posters, etc.) must be approved electronically by the Office of Student Activities.
  2. Publicity for events should contain the name of the sponsoring group.
  3. Publicity must be taken down by the sponsoring group within one school day after completion of the event.
  4. Neatness, good taste, and maintenance of publicity materials are the responsibility of the sponsoring group.
  5. Posters, signs, and banners are not permitted on glass, painted areas, wood or metal. Exceptions are made with special permission from the director of student activities.
  6. General distribution of flyers, advertisements, etc. in the student D-boxes must receive prior approval from the director of student activities or the Office of Student Affairs.
  7. Priority is given to on-campus clubs and organizations, departments, and groups.
  8. The College reserves the right to restrict the posting of any materials.
  9. Materials that are not approved electronically, or with written permission from the Director of Student Activities, will be removed.

The Alcohol Policy contains additional stipulations regarding publicity and posting.