Student Handbook 2020-2021

Section C - Safety and Student Wellness

C.1 Possession, use, or distribution of weapons, including, but not limited to, firearms, pellet guns, air rifles, bows and arrows, or knives.
C.2 Behavior that threatens the security or safety of the community, campus buildings, or facilities.
C.3 Causing physical harm.
C.4 Coercing, detaining, threatening physical harm, endangering the health or safety of any person.
C.5 Threatening, harassing, hazing, bullying, intimidating or seeking to intimidate any person.
C.6 Disrespect/Verbal Abuse.
C.7 Lewd or indecent behavior.
C.8 Engaging in behavior which poses a significant interference to the normal campus life of others.
C.9 Participation in a campus demonstration that disrupts the normal operations of Keuka College and infringes on the rights of other members of the Keuka College community.
C.10 Vandalism, Damage to/Destruction of Property.
C.11 Theft (includes all forms of larceny, burglary, robbery, etc.).
C.12 Violation of motor vehicle/student vehicle/parking & traffic regulation(s). Review the full “Campus Parking Management Plan” section at: