Student Handbook 2020-2021



Written Reprimand and Warning: A written notice kept in the disclosure file that the individual’s behavior was inappropriate. This notice also serves as a warning regarding future policy violations.  

Parental Notification: A written notification to a student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) informing them that their student has been found responsible for a drug and/or alcohol violation. 

Alcohol.Edu - Sanctions: An online education module that incorporates evidence-based prevention methods to challenge students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking habits.

Substance Workshop: A 60 minute workshop conducted by a staff member from the Council on Alcoholism and Addictions of the Finger Lakes. 

Substance Assessment: A mandatory initial intake assessment/treatment at the student’s expense. Students must contact the Finger Lakes Addictions Counseling & Referral Agency (FLACRA) at (315) 536-7751. Students must complete a signed release form giving permission for the individual completing the assessment/treatment to verify completion with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. Students must comply with any recommendations made for further assessment or treatment.

Restitution: Fiscal compensation for loss, damage, or injury.

Fine: A student may be fined. Fines are deposited into an alcohol-free programming fund, which is used for education and campus events. Unpaid disciplinary fines may be placed on a student’s College bill.

Letter of Apology: A written letter of apology to those impacted by an incident. Letters of apology are submitted to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, which will then forward the apology on to the affected parties. 

Reflection Paper: A written essay that asks students to reflect on their responsibility for their behavior, to identify strategies for avoiding further violations, and the implications that their behavior has had for themselves and others.

Campus/Community Service: A sanction assigned a set number of hours for a student to volunteer their time assisting an organization on-campus or off-campus. A student may not receive compensation from that organization when completing these assigned hours.

Campus Restriction: A restriction from a specific area of campus for a specified period of time.

Residence Hall/Room Relocation:
Transfer to another residence hall/housing assignment.

Disciplinary Probation: A warning period, during which a further violations of the Student Code of Conduct will result in more severe sanctions and additional restrictions. Appropriate staff and faculty will be notified of the student’s warning period. This sanction may limit student participation in other college activities or programs, as determined by the aforementioned staff and faculty.

Weekend Suspension: A temporary suspension from the campus for one or multiple weekends. The student must leave campus on Friday at 4:30 PM, or as soon as their last class has concluded, whichever is later. The student may not return to campus until 4:30 PM the following Sunday.

Campus/Residence Hall Suspension: The student is required to vacate their on-campus housing assignment for the rest of the academic semester or year. The student may not be in the residence halls at any time or for any purpose without permission from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. The student may only be on campus between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday. The student will not be allowed to attend any on-campus or off-campus college sponsored events, including athletic competitions or other special events. The student may still attend classes.

Deferred Suspension:
A warning status immediately prior to Suspension. If the student is found responsible for any similar violation of the Student Code of Conduct, a sanction of Suspension will follow.

Suspension: This sanction separates the student from Keuka College for a specified period of time. The student is withdrawn from all classes and may not be on any part of campus, in any college-owned building, or at any on-campus or off-campus college sponsored event, at any time. Upon return, the student will be placed on disciplinary probation for one academic year, and may need to complete substance assessment/treatment prior to return if their suspension was drug or alcohol related. 

Expulsion: This sanction permanently separates the student from Keuka College. The student is withdrawn from all classes and is banned from Keuka College, including all grounds and properties. 


*Please note that students who are suspended, expelled, and/or removed from housing for disciplinary reasons forfeit their right to a refund of tuition, room, board, and/or fees.