College Record 2020-2021

Student Organizations and Activities

The student activities office provides services and assistance to the College’s recognized student organizations. Along with the Keuka College Student Senate, this office encourages student involvement in out-of-class experiences, provides leadership and organizational effectiveness training for student leaders, and offers general assistance to the diverse array of extracurricular opportunities on campus. The student activities office works to coordinate and schedule the programs sponsored by various groups within the College community. This office encourages students to help plan, work on, learn from, and participate in the varied activities that provide a valuable adjunct to the formal curriculum.

Activities at Keuka College are many and varied. Each week and nearly every weekend there are on campus events. New clubs and organizations are easily formed by interested members and an advisor. Those that have persisted from year to year and have become part of campus life are listed under the following categories:


These student organizations are affiliated with academic departments. Membership is optional and open to all interested students. The activities of these groups often reinforce classroom learning experiences while bringing together students with common career goals.

• Association of Future Social Workers (AFSW)
• American Sign Language (ASL) Club
• Behavioral Sciences Association (BSA)
• Biology Club
• Chemistry Club
• Education Club
• Political Science and History Club
• Psychology Club
• Sociology, Criminal Justice & Criminology Club
• SOTA (Student Occupational Therapy Association)

Communications and Media

Students desiring exposure or more experience in journalism, creative writing, graphics, and photography can gain valuable entry-level skills in the following organizations.

• Red Jacket (literary magazine)

Performing Arts

Opportunities for performing are available through various fine arts programs. The following organizations offer opportunities to participate in concerts and musical productions, dance performances, choreography, acting, directing, staging, and lighting. Membership is generally determined by auditions.

• Keuka College Chorale
• Keuka College Band

Special Interests Groups

Several special interest groups provide outdoor recreational trips, as well as activities and opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth. Membership is open to interested students.

• Adventure Club
• Art Club
• Campus Activities Board (CAB)
• Circle K
• Class Council/Officers
• Coexist
• Disabilities Awareness at Keuka College (D.A.K.)
• Environmental Keuka Organization (E.K.O.)
• Habitat for Humanity
• Keuka College International Club (K.C.I.C)
• K.C. Future Alumni Network (KC FAN)
• Love Your Melon
• Multicultural Students Association (MSA)
• National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI)
• Political Science
• P.R.I.D.E.
• Rotaract
• Wolf PAC
• Women’s Center Advocacy Club