College Record 2020-2021

Student Conduct

The college expects appropriate and responsible behavior from its students. Entrance into the academic community automatically obligates each student to abide by the established regulations of the College. Expected standards of conduct exist for the purpose of furthering the accomplishment of educational objectives. These standards are outlined in the Keuka College Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct,

Student Affairs assumes primary responsibility for adjudication of incidents of misconduct and for protecting the rights of students in matters of discipline. Officials of the College become directly involved in student disciplinary proceedings when actions of individuals or groups conflict with the welfare and integrity of the institution or when they disregard the rights of other members of the College community, including guests and visitors to the campus.

Disciplinary intervention is approached as an important opportunity to further students’ ethical development and the College’s emphasis on responsible independence. Disciplinary action by the College can range from a reprimand to expulsion, depending upon the severity of the violation.