College Record 2020-2021

Residence Life

Keuka College is committed to the belief that residence hall living is an integral and dynamic part of each student’s education. The individual attention and developmental programming available in the  residence halls provide students with a firm foundation for their college experience and their individual maturation.

The residence halls are supervised by resident directors (RDs) and by resident assistants (RAs). Resident Directors are professional members of the Housing and Residence Life staff who live in the campus residence halls and oversee the day-to-day operations of a residence hall or area. RDs are responsible for supervising resident assistant staff, maintaining the safety and security of the residence halls, enforcing and upholding college rules and regulations, and providing additional support for students. RAs are carefully selected and trained undergraduate students who live on each residence hall floor/area. RAs are considered student paraprofessional staff and receive extensive training to meet the diverse needs of the resident population. RAs focus on building community and monitoring the safety, security and regulations of the residence halls. 

Residence life at Keuka College is structured around the philosophy of responsible independence. Students are considered adults who have entered into a contract with the College. As part of this agreement, the College provides housing, food service, and learning opportunities. In return, students are expected to act as members of an adult community, abide by the College's rules, and be considerate of other members of the College community.

Residence life staff members provide students with information, assistance and guidance, and enforce student behavioral standards. The purpose of these standards is to ensure a residence hall environment that is conducive to learning and student development.

The residence hall is much more than a place to sleep—it is an important living/learning center. Residence hall staff are responsible for the development of a well-rounded program of social, cultural, recreational, and educational activities. They work closely with the Residence Hall Association and other student groups to develop and implement programs such as movies, fundraising activities, community service projects, workshops, and sports and recreational events. Through these activities, students can develop skills in leadership, communication, planning, decision-making, conflict resolution, and evaluation.

Because the College considers residential living an integral part of a Keuka College education, traditional-age students who do not live with their parents or guardians within commuting distance are required to live in College residence halls for their entire time at Keuka College. Exceptions to this policy are made by the Office of Housing and Residence Life in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Student Handbook. Students are provided with many alternate living options from which to choose, including co- educational or all-female residence buildings, community living, theme housing, living-learning communities, upper class areas and apartments.