College Record 2020-2021

KC-301J Integrative Studies: Leadership *

A writing-intensive capstone course for the General Education curriculum that provides students with guidance in their application of interdisciplinary knowledge to problem solving. Students are challenged to practice critical and creative thinking skills, and they are expected to demonstrate competence in oral, written, and other creative modes of expression. This course is open to all majors. This course will foster and integrate student understanding of leadership theory and concepts across an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural spectrum serving as a capstone course to the Keuka College general education requirement. Students will examine the elements of effective leadership in a variety of contexts through multiple lenses. Among key topics of exploration are definitions, roles and responsibilities, role models, skills and attitudes, leadership development, change making, ethical issues, and principle-based leadership. Students will develop an intellectual understanding of leadership and a working model for their own continued lifelong development.





Complete ENG-112 with a minimum grade of C-. Junior or Senior Class Level.


  • Every Fall and Spring