College Record 2020-2021

KC-301D Integrative Studies: Values and Ethics *

A writing-intensive capstone course for the General Education curriculum that provides students with guidance in their application of interdisciplinary knowledge to problem solving. Students are challenged to practice critical and creative thinking skills, and they are expected to demonstrate competence in oral, written, and other creative modes of expression. This course is open to all majors. Speaking broadly, this course examines various historical concepts of wisdom, focusing on how best to integrate such concepts into daily and professional life. Students reflect back on their earlier learning, and are asked to combine their personal experience with acquired knowledge, aimed at addressing real-life problems. More specifically, the course asks students to become familiar with important ethical theories and concepts, and then apply such ideas to realistic case studies specifically designed and chosen for a college population.





Complete ENG-112 with a minimum grade of C-. Junior or Senior Class Level.


  • Every Fall and Spring