College Record 2020-2021

KC-201B Wellness: Journaling to be Well *

The purpose of this course is to promote a wellness mindset (physical, mental, and spiritual).  Through participation in classroom experiential activities and independent learning, students will acquire knowledge and skills that support the practice of wellness in daily life.  Students will be guided, through self-assessment and reflection, to identify areas in their life where the practice of wellness will be most beneficial.  Finally, students will develop a personal plan for continued practice of wellness in the future.  Students may take up to three different Wellness topics for credit.  This course is designed to explore and apply the practice of journaling to develop better overall wellness and well-being. Although the focus of the course is on reflection through regular journal writing, opportunities will be provided for understanding and engaging with different kinds of journaling activities such as food journals, exercise journals, and dream journals and their benefits.  In addition to writing and reflecting, students will integrate their understanding of journaling with the journal work of thinkers and writers such as Leonardo DaVinci, Henry David Thoreau, Virginia Woolf, and Albert Camus.





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