College Record 2020-2021

CRM-255 Criminal Justice Ethics

This course explores theories of ethics and justice in their application to criminal justice professional practice. It takes a sociological approach by exploring choices and issues faced by professionals in case studies drawn from the criminal justice system, relating these to major theories of ethics and justice, social structure, and social interaction. Review of selected research will be used to demonstrate the undesirable outcomes associated with ethical lapses. Students will practice applying theoretical methods to the resolution of moral dilemmas and ethical issues at all levels-from criminal justice policy making to enforcement and corrections. The course will review codes of ethics that establish standards of behavior expected in various fields of criminal justice. Students will come to understand what constitutes a clear and consistent ethical decision as they are encouraged to compare formal ethical systems to their own personal beliefs and to relate both of these to choices they might someday face in the criminal justice professions.




Complete CRM-101 and SOC-101.


  • Odd Year Spring