College Record 2020-2021

Data Analytics Minor


Minor Requirements

The need to collect, organize, analyze and utilize data is essential to the survival of most organizations today.  The Data Analytics minor has been designed as a minor for all majors.  The design of the minor will use some of the existing Keuka College courses from both the Digital Studies minor and the Applied Mathematics and Finance major, and add two newly created courses specific for Data Analytics.  There is a large demand for employees with Data Science/Analytics preparation in every industry today.  The Wall Street Journal has ranked these jobs in the top five prospects for the next decade.

Complete all of the following:

DL-151/IMR-151Interpreting Digital Information


DL-201Fundamentals Code and Digital Thinking


DL-215Data Formats and Management


DL-251/IMR-251Data Analytics


DL-320Data Analytics and Modeling


DL-420Machine Learning


Total Credit Hours:18

* Also fulfills a General Education requirement; Cannot be counted twice in the credit total
† Liberal Arts Credit

Minor Requirements Summary:
Complete all minor requirements
Achieve a minor GPA of 2.00
Complete at least 1/3 of the coursework at Keuka College

The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all minor requirements are met satisfactorily.
This documentation is provided as an advising tool and should not be considered a contracted between a student and Keuka College.  The College reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary.