College Record 2020-2021

Pre-Law Minor


Requirements for a Minor in Pre-Law

Through exposure to both classical liberal arts and applied fields of study, including political science, psychology, sociology, and criminal justice, Keuka College’s pre-law minor provides the necessary foundation if you wish to pursue law school and law-related careers. This hands-on minor prepares students in writing, critical thinking and reasoning, and offers classes that range from American government to predatory crime and violence.

The courses recommended in the list below are the minimal recommendations: the pre-law adviser will work with students one-on-one to develop a four year curriculum best suited to their interest and goals. In addition, you can complete Field Periods with law offices, district attorneys, public defenders, and organizations in the criminal justice system. Paired with the recommended major in political science and history, you will be well set to enter the next step in your educational career.

Minor Requirements

Complete all of the following:

CRM-101Introduction to Criminal Justice


POL-120American Government *


POL-321Constitutional Law


Total Credit Hours:9

Complete two of the following:

BUS-202Business Law


CRM-301Criminal Law


CRM-322/SOC-322White Collar and Corporate Crime


HIS-250/POL-250Political and Historical Analysis


POL-250Political and Historical Analysis


POL-340Law, Politics and Society


Total Credit Hours:6

Field Period:

Field Period experience related to the Legal Profession

LAW-290Pre-Law Field Period


Total Credit Hours:3

* Also fulfills a General Education requirement; Cannot be counted twice in the credit total
† Liberal Arts Credit

Minor Requirements Summary:
Complete all minor requirements
Achieve a minor GPA of 2.00
Complete at least 1/3 of the coursework at Keuka College

The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all minor requirements are met satisfactorily. This documentation is provided as an advising tool and should not be considered a contracted between a student and Keuka College. The College reserves the right to make changes as deemed necessary.