College Record 2017-2018

Chemistry Minor


The Chemistry minor requires the study of general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry to build proficiency in the chemical lab sciences. Of particular use for students interested in working in industry or to supplement their biological, environmental, pharmaceutical, or medical studies.

Minor Requirements

Complete all of the following:

12 credits
CHM-111General Chemistry I *


CHM-112General Chemistry II *


CHM-206Organic Chemistry I


Complete one of the following courses:

4 credits
CHM-207Organic Chemistry II


CHM-310General Biochemistry


Complete the following:

3-4 credits
Complete one CHM elective at the 300- or 400-level not required for student’s major/concentration
-See advisor for recommended/required courses

Field Period:

3 credits

* Students must complete a Field Period in the area of their minor.

FP-290Field Period



Reference Key -

* Also fulfills a General Education requirement; Cannot be counted twice in the credit total

† Liberal Arts Credit


Requirements Summary -

  • Complete a total of 18 credits
  • Achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00
  • Achieve a minor GPA of 2.00
  • Complete one field period in the minor area, for an additional 3 credits
  • Complete the minor requirements
  • At least 1/3 of the coursework completed at Keuka College


The student is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all degree requirements are met satisfactorily.

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