College Record 2017-2018

Criminal Justice Systems (ASAP), Bachelor of Science

The criminal justice systems major is designed to serve the educational needs of full-time working adults with previous college experience who wish to complete their baccalaureate degrees. The curriculum consists of 55 credit hours delivered through sequential, integrated courses offered in an accelerated format. The program is delivered in a hybrid model with most courses five weeks in duration and classes meet one evening a week. Students spend additional time outside of class to complete readings, assignments, case studies, online discussions, and group work.

The criminal justice systems curriculum enhances the knowledge and skills of individuals in the criminal justice field by introducing them to the latest theories and principles in law enforcement, corrections, courts, and juvenile justice. The curriculum also brings perspectives from the humanities and social and behavioral sciences to bear on the topics examined. The program culminates in an experience- based research and writing project—developed over a multi-month time frame—that synthesizes learning from previous courses.

Students use their workplace as a living laboratory in which to apply and test classroom learning. Faculty expects students to be active learners who draw on their daily work experience to enrich classroom discussion.

For more information, contact the Center for Professional Studies.

Students enrolled in Keuka’s traditional, semester-long programs are not eligible to enroll, or take courses, in the Accelerated Studies for Adults Program (ASAP).

Major Requirements:

Complete the following:

All credits from this area count as liberal arts
ENG-302Action Research Project I


CJS-405CJ Action Research Project


- -

CJS-303Applied Criminology


CJS-305Criminal Law and Procedure


CJS-307Current Issues in Law Enforcement


CJS-309Current Issues in the U.S. Judiciary


CJS-313Issues Corrections/Community Corrections


CJS-315Deviance and Social Control


CJS-317Juvenile Delinquency:Development/Trends


CJS-325Critical Thinking in Criminal Justice


CJS-335Emerging Threats / Crim Justice Trends


CJS-340Home Sec: Terror/Nat Dis & Democracy


CJS-403White Collar Crime


ENG-300College Writing for Transfer Students


EXP-300Foundations for Adult & Exp Learning


INS-301IIS: Crime and Justice


PHL-302Ethics in Criminal Justice


PSY-336Abnormal Psychology & Psychopathology


SOC-302Ethnic Diversity


ENG-302, CJS-405: Grade of C or higher required

General Electives:

Complete all additional credits that are required to meet the 120 cumulative credit hour requirement.
Remaining credits must fulfill INS, Lab Science, Liberal Arts, General Education, and Electives coursework.
-See advisor for recommended/required courses

Students must complete additional credits to fulfill the required 120 credit minimum.

Area Required by program:

General Education 10 credits
Major requirements 56 credits
General electives 54 credits

Total 120 credits

**New York State requires 60 liberal arts credits for a Bachelor of Science degree. After completing the major requirements, students have one year to complete all other requirements. This evaluation is intended for use as a pre-admission advisement tool. Current major requirements are available through your student portal. Graduation clearances are completed through the student portal as well. Should you have any questions about your evaluation on the portal, please contact your student advisor.

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