College Record 2016-2017

OCC-521 Scholarly Project I

This course is designed to facilitate successful participation as an investigator on a research project pertinent to occupation-based practice. The student will develop a scholarly research project proposal to be approved by the student's major advisor and graduate committee. Student research involving human subjects must be approved by the Human Subjects' Institutional Review Board (HSIRB) or be certified exempt by the Chair of HSIRB. Students may choose to engage in a variety of research methodologies. Data collection may begin during this course or conducted while the student is completing his/her Fieldwork Level II experience. Class meetings will include lectures, seminar discussions, and lab activities that will guide and support the student while completing this research project. Outside of class, students will engage in self-directed activities and meet with their assigned advisors for mentorship as they work on their research projects. Upon completion of this course, students will have written the first chapters of the thesis document.





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